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VPS Server Turkey

Multi CPU core, Choice of Dedicated Ram, Huge Disk Space, Linux/Windows VPS, selection of up to Unlimited Bandwidth with all server’s customization freedom are some highlighted benefits you will get by HostinTurkey. We present cheap and reliable VPS server hosting for low latency and fast loading experience in Turkey and at the edge of Europe. Our virtual private servers are virtualized through VMware technology and virtualization is done under heavy-duty servers to ensure maximum reliability, which are duly powered and connected through most durable internet carriers. To avoid any disastrous event, backend security is enforced on data-center as well as server level, so feel yourself safe with us because your machines are under well-trained and technically strong team. Enjoy low cost with best available virtualization for Turkey based VPS servers to compete your competitors in most convenient way.

VPS server Turkey

Turkey Based Virtual Private Servers

Full Root Access, Less Load Time, Uptime Monitoring, SSH Access, Choice of OS Selection and Quality Hardware are some basic features comes with all Turkish VPS server Plans, however you may Enhance your good experience, having more control by putting some add-on. You can always rely on us for cheap virtualization Turkish location solution with variety of readymade plans to select. You here with us will always have the opportunity to grow and enhance for more resources at any time without any down time experience. Four packages made for fulfilling different levels of needs and use so select one, which currently fits best for you.

IP for checking Latency and Ping:

Location: Barsa or Izmir, Turkey

Internet Port: 100 Mbps

Virtualization: KVM or OpenVZ

Available OS: Linux or Windows

Provisioning Time: Within 6-12 Hours

Ram CPU Cores Disk Space Traffic Price/Month
VPS-1 01 GB 02 40 GB 500 GB US$.21
VPS-2 02 GB 02 60 GB 600 GB US$.45
VPS-3 04 GB 04 100 GB 1000 GB US$.75
VPS-4 08 GB 04 250 GB 1000 GB US$.121

Cheap yet Secure Virtualization

Get the Ultimate Benefits with Latest Virtualization Technology, Turkish Location VPS Hosting solution to tackle all your Web, proxy, VPN, gaming and email Related low latency needs. Never settle for lesser than the best because we have about every option, advancement and safety system included as default for provisioning any virtualized container under a sophisticated environment where you can place order, includes add-ons, do upgrades, ask for support and ahead of all amaze with unshakeable and intrusion less instances in the cost of shared hosting.


We have crafted VPS Server Turkey, presetting in nationwide turkey bring some really impressive features like competitive pricing, balanced features, high performing web form. Lower your ping time and put you on eye catching position by server speed into popular search engine results. If you desire are purely to launch a local business website of any form, a blog which is developed to have an influence on Turkish community or you want to surf the domestic internet access remotely for analyzing and reporting various Search engine factors, Linux or Windows based VM containers with residential IPs will thrust your goals to achieve timely and firm success.

ssh access
Full Control
secured vps
Hight Security
3-24 Hours Delivery
best VPS Support
Great Support
VPS Control Panel
Linux VPS Hosting Turkey
windows VPS Turkey
Strongest Network

Hosting distributes all its services via Turkey network. Own industry's leading Server form and visualization atmosphere for every day best web experience.

Data Management

We are using and using Super Servers in Virtual Server services and we provide high performance and trouble-free services

Your Need for speed

built on high performance and speed. We work to ensure that all our customers achieve high performance.

Easy Start & use

available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and you can request technical support by sending a support ticket through the Customer Panel.

230 ms
120 ms
160 ms

Turkey based VPS Hosting

We provide you with the guarantee of your satisfaction by producing special solutions for you in all matters and needs that you are wondering about in the field of web hosting. You can contact us for your needs from our contact page. Quite often people do not find the resources they look for in pre-made plans so we invite you to ask us for any kind of custom virtualization solution whether it is relevant to resources or you need a specific kind of networking. Moreover if you are curious about full fledge machine then visit our Turkey dedicated server page which will even give you more flexibility and control on your allocated resources.

With its stable and robust infrastructure, Hosting Turkey provides you up to 99.9% uptime. Our experienced support team monitors all network equipment for 7/24 hours and ensures stable access continuity. And to keep less human involvement, we have already taken maximum possible measures which can restrict any intrusion or repel any bad intensions to our network so it is safe to have your instances under our offered data-center.