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Those who are the students and experts of global economy, geography and history, specifically those who are in business with no boundaries are well aware with the importance of Turkish territory. Due to its rich culture, tourism, vastly grown economy, quick development in technological fields and very much humanitarian behavior, this area has huge potential to invest and earn. Now it is never possible that you may have physical existence in every country where you want to initiate your business activities. What you should have to do if you are an organization, corporate company or an individual, you can always rely on dedicated server in Turkey which will be practically located in Izmir Datacenter. Fill your thirst of having dedicated machine under this unique location to avail the facility of getting your apps loaded fantastically great which will absolutely ensure your visibility on top in search engines. You can buy a server hosting to virtualize it and to resell its resources as per your own wishes if you are a hosting provider. Mostly proxy services provider needs this and we are happy to inform you that now you can enjoy network level firewall by default in free for best long term run with us. All server is connected with 1GBPs internet port by default and we have three internet service providers on our back. We assure you well-managed resources in the cheap price available in the market. If you think that for the time being, you need not to pay much and want a dedicated use then VPS Hosting Turkey could be the best choice.

Dedicated Server Turkey

Cheapest Turkish Dedicated Servers

You can always choose an instance for devoted use as we are offering that but it seems you are looking for enormous amount of resources through a bare metal machine which can be consists of basic to superme level of elements including cores, threads, processor speed, memory, storage and bandwidth. Consider various level of usages and requirements, we picked industry's most trusted models to present you for selection so that you can deploy your projects with all demanded resources and may have the ability to upgrade any single asset at the time of need. Find below purified and filtered readymade plans to order one comes fit to your requirements or let us know if you are looking for a custom configuration as we have whole setup and range to deal with any upcoming challanges but the factor of cheap price will remain constant whatever standard of services your decided to buy by us.

IP for Testing and Pinging:

Location: Barsa, Turkey

Dedicated Internet Port: 100 Mbps

Raid Support: Soft RAID1

Server Type: Rack

Provisioning: Within 24 Hours

Processor Ram Disk Traffic IPs Price/Month
i5-2100 3.1 GHZ 16GB DDR3 500GB SATA 1000 GB 02 US$.89
Xeon E series 1220 16GB DDR3 ECC 128GB SSD + 1TB SATA 1000 GB 02 US$.119
Xeon E-1225v3 8GB DDR3 1TB SATA 1000 GB 02 US$.129
Xeon E-1220v5 8GB DDR4 1TB SATA 1000 GB 02 US$.144
Xeon E-1225v3 16GB DDR3 ECC 256GB SSD + 1TB SATA 1000 GB 02 US$.179
Xeon E5620 8Core / 16 Threads 32GB ECC 256GB SSD 3000 GB 02 US$.239

Turkey Dedicated Hosting

Turkish Dedicated Hosting Server

We are the highly rated server providers in the world, now accessible for you to run distinctive dedicated server hosting from the one of a kind, common area in TURKEY, in the most reasonable and aggressive costs. Purchase a dedicated hosting server according to your own desires. You will be the only surfer without any sharer for utilizing all of its resources with root or super admin access. All dedicated hosting server are associated with 1GBPs Internet Connection as a matter of course and we have three network access suppliers on our back. You can manage your servers by deploying most prominent interfaces as c panel & Plesk with Linux and windows relatively. We have unlimited resources of dedicated servers associated with Turkey's location, fully equipped and popular for maximum performance. With ultra-high security measures and over many years of managed hosting experience, our sold dedicated machines are the best overall value in the Turkey.

All our servers are kept up to date and presented to you with modern hardware and software. We have a range of options over the CPU cores and speed, the size of RAM, hard disk capacity, bandwidth and RAID. In our dedicated Server hosting, you get the full resources of single server to utilize them dedicatedly as single user, virtualize it, or make its use for shared hosting purposes. You don’t need to worry about other websites clogging up the server’s CPU and RAM, you can be sure that bad scripts running on another website or spikes in bandwidth usage won’t slow your server down because you have full authority on your all resources. You have freedom to choose the dedicated hosting solution with your own choice of operating system such as a Windows and Linux.

Why HostinTurkey for dedicated Servers?

The Host Servers are prepared with our own expertise, past requirements by buyers, as per trends which are tested and delivered as per queued orders. Though yet we do not have large collections so all time we found ourselves short against particular models which are being adding more due to higher ask throughout globe. Our location network in Turkey serves with high-quality fiber optic links from world-class data center. No Security Risk and Perfect Disaster Management System to get you live 24/365. Thanks to the special layer 3 firewall we developed to be prevented from and basic to huge level of intrusion attacks so you can expect your sites, data or belongings hosted are safe now though it is always you who is responsible for code and internal security which can be made firm by not installing any nulled script and executing best practices by adding a security layer through software firewall and mod security rules set. Later, you can always do focus comfortably on your Business. Rest the responsibility to load your resources quickly for particular audience or data transformation with lightning fast speed remains on our shoulders. Every machine resides in tier III certified datacenter which has its own security and alarm systems, cooling and power systems and backups for about every possible emergency mater like, hardware, power and internet. By the Way it’s also help your web application stand among crowd with lower Ping rate and Fast Load Speed.

Turkish Server Network

Top Barsa, Izmir Data Center

100 Mbps Network Connectivity

Cheap Packages Available Nationwide


Xeon® E3 CPUs

1TB Bandwidth Packed

Huge amount of Disk Drive


DDR3 Ram

Different Amount of Memory

More can be selected at configuration

Huge Packages Choice

Multiple Hardware choice

VPS/VDS also Available

Lowest Fraction of Prices

Instent Ready Machines

24-72 hours Ready Servers

Secure Protected Atmosphere

Crafted for Dealing High Website Traffic

Quality Addons

Multi OS Choice

Leading Control Panle Including cPanel

Choice of Upgrading Space


Turkey is the mid point in between Asia and Europe and has a great importance and it is the reason having server from this location will allow you to visualize yourself easily with fastest response to nearby neighbours.

We provide all our dedicated server hosting from Izmir, Turkey based data-center with lowest latency throughout Europe and especially in Turkey.

As we offer PayPal as payment method to pay for fast payments and as a result a fast provisioning so that you may work out things as per your wishes and more importantly our prices are the best in the market.

Industry's Leading features Integral Part of Machine

Internet Backup Availability

Intel Xeon Chip Set

Leading Tools for Management.

Special Pricing for DDOS Protection.

Root Access Rapid Ready

Power Backups

Fast Provisioning

Monthly Package Plan

Full Redundant data center

Fastest Provisioning
Ready To Go server
Turkish Data Center
Turkish Data Center
Fastest Servers
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
Low Latency
Low Latency