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Service Terms, Refunds and Delivery

HostInTurkey all rights reserves to suspend an account at any time without any prior notice when it feels that the account holder is just going against the specified rules and moreover, we have zero tolerance against spamming, scanning, phishing, hacking and other activities like this. In such scenario responsible account would be suspended without any notification and will not be un-suspended. So consider not using nulled components and keep your scripts updated to avoid such happening.

Shared Web Hosting:

Things not allowed


Service delivery:

Once after confirmation of order and payment, domains are regsitered within 6 hours, hosting credentials after creating hosting account are sent in about 12 hours, VPS servers are provisined with in 24 hours wheras dedicated server delivery may take 24-72 hours though we work all on priority.

Refund Policy:

For dedicated server, vps hosting plans and domain name, there is no refund at any stage after provisioning whereas for shared hosting type you can ask for a refund within 15 days of service delivery with a solid proof that we did not deliver you what you did order. There is no refund available for renewed services.

Dedicated Servers & VPS:

Constraint OF LIABILITY:

HOSTINTURKEY should not be in charge of any guaranteed harms, including accidental and noteworthy harms, which may emerge from HOSTINTURKEY servers going disconnected or being inaccessible for any reason at all. Besides, HOSTINTURKEY should not be in charge of any guaranteed harms, including coincidental or weighty harms, coming about because of the defilement or erasure of any site from one of HOSTINTURKEY servers. All harms might be restricted to the quick end of administration.


HOSTINTURKEY can't be held at risk for server downtime, accidents, or information misfortune. We can't be held at risk for any anticipated gauge of benefits in which a customer would have picked up if their site was working. Certain administrations gave by HOSTINTURKEY are exchanged. In this manner, certain gear, steering, programming, and programming utilized by HOSTINTURKEY are not straightforwardly possessed or composed by HOSTINTURKEY. Also, HOSTINTURKEY holds no obligation regarding the utilization of our customers accounts. In the event that any terms or conditions are neglected to be taken after, the record being referred to will be consequently deactivated. We maintain all authority to expel any record without notification ahead of time for any reason without compensation as HOSTINTURKEY sees fit. Besides, HOSTINTURKEY holds the privilege to change any or the greater part of the above Policies, Guidelines, and Disclaimer without notice. There are numerous server farms required for moving down with their administrations and committed servers like iweb so every one of their terms and conditions would be also actualized on all administrations introduced by a particular server farm.