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VDS CLoud Hosting in Turkey

A new generation of VPS is Virtual dedicated server. Crafted for toe smooth performance, resources allocation, reliability and affordability.

When talk about the VDS vs VPS, the main difference tend into freedom of multiple OS installation in VDS. With this server, virtualization software runs straight into a physical server, rather than on top of a server operating system.

Let us tell you what we present for VDS hosting in Turkey, or virtual server furnished with Hyper-V can route numerous operating systems such as Linux, Windows and centos to get-up the necessities of diverse customers.

Let us state you the simple structure for VDS plans we are presenting in Turkey. Our Virtual Dedicated Server produce a stage that is very informal to measure. It is completely remote from real hardware and even other virtual machine. That is the reason behind our Turkish VDS becoming more general for even individual bloggers, larger websites, business entities and ecommerce websites.

How we presenting VDS in turkey more professionally among rest of competitors that web have. It's operated straight from the great hardware: Dell/Intel brand servers with Intel Xeon CPUs and at least 4 enterprise drives in a hardware RAID10 + Battery Backup set up. You would even never leave in dark if support is concern by Host Turkey. Included with every VDS is our custom control panel to help you manage your VPS with ease.


Select a plan Looking for something with proactive monitoring, backups and security? Grab our VDS plans.

US$ 36

CPU Core: 01

Hard Drive: 30 GB Raid10 SSD


Monthly Traffic: 1000 GB

US$ 65

CPU Core: 02

Hard Drive: 50 GB Raid10 SSD


Monthly Traffic: 1000 GB

US$ 115

CPU Core: 04

Hard Drive: 60 GB Raid10 SSD


Monthly Traffic: 2000 GB

US$ 179

CPU Core: 08

Hard Drive: 150 GB Raid10 SSD

Ram: 16GB ECC DDR3

Monthly Traffic: 3000 GB

Connected with 100 to 1000Mbos

Intel Exeon Chip Set

Leading Tools for Management.

Free DDOS Protection.

Root Access Rapid Ready

Free Server Ping Monitoring

12 Hours delivery

Monthly Package Plan

Full Redundant data center

what we offer

Presenting all services via Turkey network. For Virtual Server we provide high performance and trouble-free services.

Every Day Live Support

Our Support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and you can request technical support by sending a support ticket through the Customer Panel.

Build With Leading Hardware

We are using and using Super Micro Servers in Turkey, two different data centers provide service.

Smooth Performance

Host Turkey Services are built on high performance and speed. We work to ensure that all our customers achieve high performance.

Latest Equipment

The Raid 10 architecture is used with high performance on VDS servers.

High End Network

Direct connection to fiber optic lines to backbone, equipment terminated with router / switches.

Cotrol and Managment

Choose cPanel, Direct admin, Plesk , control panels which are accepted as standard on all VDS packages.

Email Response

After payment is made by our technical team, information would delivered via email.

We would Preaty sure! You would get Great Computing Power with VDS Server:

While picking plan if you are diverse minded then let us clear you major similarities for VDS and VPS. Both types are cost efficient because a compare to complete dedicated server. These servers are easy-to-use and offer you an incredible level of flexibility and control.

Though virtual dedicated servers you got more reliable alternative, its offer a great power towers traditional web hosting approach.

99.9% uptime guarantee, fast server deployment, and high-performance hardware at astonishingly affordable prices.

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Not Sure Which Hosting is best For You

Well, its matter of needs to be selective for server hosting type, if you are a developer or leading development team then you would be pretty sure about what you require. But, if you are not sure with development end of your web application go with our pre-installed WordPress hosting Turkey: All you need just manage your theme and you are live instantly.